So this happened today… I’m super proud to have been a part of this. Congrats to every at Pitch and everyone else who worked on it. You deserve it. Cheers.

Onitsuka Tiger Finally Confirms Pitch as AOR

Well, it took long enough. Two weeks after we first received tips that fashionable shoe brand Onitsuka Tiger awarded Culver City, CA-based agency Pitch its global AOR duties, we’ve finally received official confirmation on the matter (thanks for getting back to us initially, guys). Anyhow, in mid-July, OT, in a move to distinguish itself from parent company ASICS, formed its own executive team consisting of senior category lifestyle manager Natacha Alpert and sales and marketing manager Colin Brickley. While the RFP was handled our of Onitsuka’s Kobe, Japan HQ, the aforementioned pair managed the review here in the states (though we hear from sources that it was quite a muddled process to get from point A to B). Among the agencies Pitch beat out include Vitro, which still serves as U.S. AOR for ASICS. Pitch will not only serve as U.S. AOR for Onitsuka Tiger, but will handle global AOR duties for a 2012 assignment. ASICS America CEO/president Kevin Wulff says, “…we consider Pitch to be an ideal fit with their unique ability to concept and deliver the next big idea.” Pitch is the first U.S. agency to win global business from Onitsuka Tiger in six years. (via Onitsuka Tiger Finally Confirms Pitch as AOR - AgencySpy)


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